Research Field

Namerikawa laboratory specializes in system and control theory and specialized field is distributed cooperative control of network system. Although it is based on theoretical analysis, we apply the control law to the actual machine and verify its effectiveness, thereby keeping the balance between theory and actual machine.

In addition, Namerikawa laboratory emphasizes “theoreticalization” “systematization” “softwareization” “algorithm development”, and is aiming for “making from the monozukuri to the creation”.

Research Contents


1) Distributed Control

  • Frequency control for supply-demand adjustment in electric power system

2) Cyber Security

  • Cyber attack detection in Smart Grid

3) Energy Management

  • Solar power / wind power generation prediction system
  • Battery management
  • Building energy management

4) Energy Economy

  • Dynamic pricing problem controlling power load

5) Multi Agent System

  • Formation flight with multiple vehicles
  • Self-location estimation of mobile robot and environment map
  • Analyzing and control of swarm

6) Traffic Control

  • Smart parking system
  • Merging control at highway junction
  • Distributed scheduling for EV charging
  • Speed limit optimisation on VSL systems