The KEIO TECHNO-MALL 2019 was held at Tokyo International Forum on 13 December (Fri).

Our laboratory also exhibited this year under the theme of “Control of Cyber-Physical and Human System”.

The M1 students Kato, Sasaki, Nakazato, and Yamauchi, as well as the M2 student Gael, were in charge of presenting the laboratory’s activities.

Even more people than what we expected came to us and at the end of the day, almost all the leaflets were distributed.

Many companies were interested in our research theme and we received a lot of questions and comments.

Visit to Fujitsu’s laboratory

On 18 November at Musashi Nakahara, we visited Fujitsu’s laboratories.

It was a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the latest technologies related to artificial intelligence and social infrastructure!

The K computer (supercomputer of Fujitsu)

Submarine cable

Doctoral dissertation request, hearing

On 26 November, the dissertation request of the D3 student Kento Kotani, for a doctoral degree was heard.

Unlike presentations for a Bachelor or a Master thesis, this one was open to the public and people from outside of Keio University joined this hearing.

It was a 60 minutes presentation followed by 30 minutes long question and answer session. Interesting comments were made and the presentation passed off properly.

Below this is the impression of Mr. Kotani after his hearing.







Mr. Kotani, thank you for your hard work!